Another Post?

Well here I am posting a second time, remarkably enough.

At any rate, I’ve been tinkering with a variety of things during my two weeks of break before starting work in DC. First, I’ve been tweaking my photo gallery website (ThansCorner Gallery). Check it out – it’s nothing too incredibly special but it combines my interests in web design and photography and gives people a chance to keep in touch and see what I”m up to. Comment on pages if you’ve got something to say!

Beyond that, I’ve taken full advantage of one of my favorite summer activities – Spending an afternoon at a coffee shop. Lately the preference has been for a Caribou bundled with Brueggers bagels and I’ve made some good progress with my poetry collection. There is truly nothing better or more rewarding than sitting at a coffee shop, surrounded by interesting people, whilst pouring thoughts into words and plowing through work to be done. The $3.15 cost of beverage and $2.70 cost of lunch is made back in the first 5 minutes there…the rest is just bonus. Give it a shot – it’ll be well worth your while. At the very least it’s a way out of the house.

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