White House Benchmarks on Iraqi Progress Released – Success?

White House Press Release on Assessment of Iraqi Progress

This morning, the White House released the mandatory assessment of Iraqi progress on a number of benchmarks. All-in-all, there has only been one additional ‘satisfactory’ benchmark rating since the same assessment was made in July.

So, our ultimate purpose for military and political action in Iraq was to establish a stable diplomatic government capable of sustaining itself and maintaining order within the country. With that in mind, here we are – mission accomplished? I’d say, rather unfortunately, that going into this engagement, we naively thought these sort of goals easy and achievable with enough force. The military ‘coalition’ involved did nothing but tear down the current forces holding things in place.

We can’t force a people we don’t understand to live according to our beliefs about the world and society. Our leaders do not understand the values and general day-to-day life of a common Iraqi person. In such a volatile situation, with such a lack of experience, how can they expect to bring about such optimistically defined order?

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