Forwarding St. Olaf email to Gmail Accounts

Saint Olaf College’s new email system, RoundCube, is a pretty classy upgrade from the previous SquirrelMail interface in use until this year. Unfortunately, the new software is still in beta and unreliable. I personally have found it much easier all along to have all St. Olaf email forwarded to my Gmail account where I know I can access it anywhere, at any time alongside my regular gmail account messages.

How it’s done:

1. To set up forwarding from your St. Olaf account to Gmail:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your St. Olaf username and password
  • Click “Set Up Forwarding or Vacation Replies”
  • Enter your Gmail email address under “Forwarding Address”
  • Uncheck “Deliver mail to your inbox” unless you want things showing up both in the st. olaf email client and Gmail.
  • Scroll down and change the value of “Expires” to “never”

Your email should now be successfully forwarded to your Gmail account.

2. Once you’ve got a gmail account setup and you’re logged in:

  • Go to Settings in the upper right corner
  • Click Accounts
  • Add another email address (under send mail as)
  • Enter a Send As name and the email address, click next
  • Click “Send Verification”
  • Log into the email account you’re trying to add
  • You will have received an email with a link to verify this email address. Click the link and you should now be able to send email from this address from within your Gmail account.

One word of caution. Gmail sends your replies to email received as part of an alias from your gmail account by default. Manually change the sender when you’re composing the message to prevent potentially confusing the recipient on the othe end.

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