A Brief Word to Bloggers and Social Networking Participants Everywhere…Part 2

Here are a few rules that would go a long way to clean things up:

  1. Ask yourself: If I ran across this post without knowing the author, would I care?
  2. Is this adding value to the wealth of information or the organization of the web?
  3. No personal, isolated stories included simply for the sake of telling
  4. Did some thought and effort go into the composition and actual text of this entry?
  5. Are any scientific or concrete claims/statistics cited? You may have a great point, but if it’s based on stats that, for all I know, you arbitrarily dreamed up yourself, I don’t care.
  6. Make connections between your article and other related or available info online. Nothing exists in isolation and every story benefits from some context. Even quote related material from other sources.
  7. Copying someone else’s work, however, without a citation is not okay. Period.
  8. Avoid personal isolated stories or anecdotes about personal life.
  9. When commenting on the contributions of someone else, do so in a constructive manner. Far too often do we experience a battle of words between conflicting voices, which does nothing for the readership but polarize and interrupt valuable discussion.
  10. Finally, seek out stories from less popular sources. There is so much interesting stuff out there that gets lost in the shuffle. These things deserve a little extra publicity and will break up the monotony of alternating links to Lifehacker and Engadget.

Consider each of your contributions not as a soapbox from which to rant about trivial things in your own life, or selfish goals, but rather a contribution for the benefit of others around you. Try not to pollute this thing we all depend on and love so much.

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