The vast majority of the American public is ignorant to the government process and the decisions made by its governing body.  These decisions affect nearly every aspect of public and even private life and yet it’s reality television, co-worker drama and scandal that people care about, whilst the important stuff goes on by.  For instance, the politics involved with the Bush administration struggling to hold on to some facade of strength and influence by vetoing everything slip under the radar.

The American Blog, seen by a relatively small percent of the American public, discusses the subtle politics involved with the Bush administration veto of defense policy legislation.  At the same time, a quick glance at, touting “Breaking News” turns up no coverage whatsoever.  Now, I don’t expect people to pay attention to, or understand all of the subtleties involved in our government processes, but one would hope that people might consider the very real implications of the decisions being made.

The neoconservatives running the country can get away with a startling amount of manipulation when no one pays attention.  Government is accountable to its constituents, democrat and republican representatives alike.  Who’s to guarantee fair play, though, if the ref has his nose buried in the tabloids.

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