iTunes Plugins – Cleaning House

I like to keep my iTunes organized but as it’s grown, there’s just not time to do justice to the job.  That’s where iTunes Scripts come in.  Apple has made it possible to write scripts for windows that access things like playlists, albums, songs, song info, the iPod and more.  Using JavaScript, Perl, C#, etc. developers have written a number of incredibly helpful tools for cleaning up and organizing the iTunes library. 

Be careful though – some of these delete metadata or files without much warning.  Make sure you’re doing what you intend to do.

Teridon’s site has a nice library of tools available in an executable package.

Apple released a few sample scripts with the iTunesCOMWindowsSDK  package of developer header files. 

Moreover, the methods for developing custom scripts are very approachable in case these scripts don’t do quite what you need.

One thought on “iTunes Plugins – Cleaning House

  1. Nice, I didn’t realize these kinds of scripts were available. I was looking for some the other day but ended up switching the music library I was working with (with tens of thousands of tracks) into MediaMonkey, since there were some nice scripts available for that program. Good to know about the iTunes stuff for future reference.

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