Power Chrome: Chrome Extensions

chrometopThis is the first in a series of several posts outlining ways to take advantage of lesser-known Chrome features.

To try out the most recent development version of Chrome, you will need to make a few easy changes to your installation.

(img src: popandpolitics.com)


  1. download the Chrome channel switcher here
  2. after installing and running the program, select the ‘Dev’ channel
  3. to enable plugins, right-click your chrome shortcut and select properties.
  4. in the ‘Target:’  field, add  ‘–enable-extensions’  to your path.  (e.g. ‘”” –enable-extensions’)

This developer channel might be a bit buggy but it gives you the chance to try out the newest Chrome release.  A few notable features at the writing of this post:

  • ability to edit starting page thumbnails
  • support for extensions (.crx files)
  • support for video tag

Info about current releases on each channel can be found on the updates blog for versions: stablebeta, and dev

Available Chrome extensions include:

Additional flags for adding functionality: (turn them on just as you did –enable-extensions)

  • -omnibox-popup-count=10
    • specify the number of suggestions Chrome gives when typing in the omnibar
  • -remote-shell-port=10
    • change the port for remote shell
  • -single-process
  • –process-per-site
    • run a separate chrome process for each site (2 google tabs will be within the same process)
  • –process-per-tab
    • run a separate chrome process for each tab
  • –enable-extensions  
    • turn on support for extensions (.crx)
  • –proxy-server=PROXYSERVER:PORT
    • specify a proxy server
  • –enable-user-scripts
    • turn on support for user scripts
  • –enable-user-scripts –user-data-dir=”pathtoyourprofile”
    • specify the directory for user data
  • –enable-logging
    • turn on logging for developer use
  • –enable-greasemonkey
    • enable greasemonkey (place scripts from Userscripts.org in the C:scripts directory)
  • –auto-spell-correct
    • enables fixing of little spelling issues automatically

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