Power Chrome: Keyboard Shortcuts and Omnibar Info Commands

omnibarIn addition to the extensions described in the previous post, Chrome includes functionality for a few helpful keyboard shortcuts and diagnostic/status information about browser operations.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Many of these are well known but they are all incredibly helpful

  • CTRL-F6 or ALT-d: 
    • Select the URL in the address bar
    • New incognito window
  • SHIFT-ESC:  
    • Open Chrome Task Manager
    • Open recently closed browser tab
  • CTRL-Click on a link: 
    • Open this page in a new background tab
  • CTRL-SHIFT-Click on a link: 
    • Open this page in a new tab and switch to this tab
  • CTRL-TAB: 
    • Switch to the next tab
    • Switch to the previous tab
  • CTRL-#: 
    • Switch to this tab

(Full listing available at: Explore Google Chrome Features)

Omnibar commands:

The Omnibar is Chrome’s address bar and search bar rolled into one thing.  Typing a URL goes to that site, typing a search query looks up results in Google Search.

In addition to those operations, Chrome allows access to some valuable information about the browser’s inner workings.

  • ?
    • search the item in Google
  • type a web address then hit TAB+
    • allows searching of the query on that url’s domain
  • about:memory
    • chrome process memory usage
  • about:stats
    • load times for Chrome, Javascript
  • about:network
    • behind-the-scenes network info
  • about:dns
    • dns info, time, stats
  • about:version
    • version, user-agent, etc.
  • about:plugins
    • installed plugins
  • about:cache
    • cached content
  • view-cache:[URL]
  • view-source:[URL]
  • about:crash
    • crash the tab (just for fun!)

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