Planning your next room

Have you ever tried cutting out little paper furniture and laying them out on graph paper to plan a space?  I’ll be moving to Madison, WI in July so I find myself trying to design an entirely new apartment.

Autodesk Project Dragonfly provides a really nice way to lay things out and move them around spacially.  It gives you the same control to physically move things around the room without the hassle of physically doing so.


It’s not the fastest web application since there’s a lot of JavaScript updating to do in the background.  The options for furniture and customization are also somewhat limited at this early stage.  Nevertheless, Dragonfly gives some fantastic 3D views and layout tools for designing a room.

One thought on “Planning your next room

  1. I think the most important thing in this program is if it has allot of furniture types because it would be very nice if you could se almost exactly how it will look in the end. If it hasn’t got a lot of furniture types you can play The Sims instead like i did in the past 🙂 i will certainly try this program. it sure has potential

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