Employees jumping ship is….good?

More employees jump ship as economy improves (AP)

This is excellent news.  The fact that people have enough confidence to quit their current jobs in search of new ones is incredibly heartening.

As we worked our way out of this recession, companies cut back on everything they possibly could to get the bottom line out of the gutter.  The broad positive earnings across the board released last quarter are proof that they were effective in their efforts.  A big effect of these cuts was a greater workload for those who did not get fired.  Productivity skyrocketed because people with jobs were just happy to have them, and worked extra hard to keep them.

Still, unemployment stayed relatively high since companies felt less need to hire given the greater productivity they were enjoyed.  Fortunately employee confidence has risen and people feel they can find better jobs.  Companies across the board will have to give their employees a break or risk losing them to those who will – and this means hiring more people to take off the load.  Good news for job-seekers and excellent news for the economy.  

Now if we could only get over this European debt thing…

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