Digital era – Things every brick and mortar business needs to do

I’m amazed every time I do a Google search for some local business and don’t find a website.  Sometimes they have a Facebook page, and sometimes they have barebones information on Yelp, but that’s not enough.  Even when I do find a company’s website, it’s pretty rare that it’s populated with enough of the right information.

Brick and mortar businesses may not think they need a web presence – but the internet is changing more and more of our culture, and they can’t afford to ignore these things:

1. At least a basic WordPress site with:
  • Address
  • Map
  • Phone number
  • Menu/Products – avoid a PDF if you can help it
  • About us – short paragraph
  • Hours

2. Facebook page

3. Google Analytics account set up to gather info about visitors

4. Yelp info up to date

5. Respond to negative reviews on Yelp

This post has some good tips on doing this properly: How companies should respond to negative reviews

6. Company profile on Google Maps

7. If you’re a service company – list your services on

Many of these things can be done by someone with very little web savvy.  With a few hours of web design/development help, you can make your mark online and get a leg up on any competition in the area.

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