About Me

Nathaniel Meierpolys – (contact)

  • Software developer for Elekta in Chicago, IL
  • Graduated with a BA in Computer Science and Physics at St. Olaf College (2005-2009)
  • For professional experience: Resume (March 2016)

Current Side Projects:

  • iPhone Development
    • My Trip Log
    • Zen Focus
    • Prioritized feed reader combining Twitter, FB, and RSS stories in a manageable way
    • App to quickly share things to yourself via email (links, notes, images)
  • Consulting with Phone2Action on several projects
  • Experimenting with Ionic to leverage AngularJS in native mobile apps

Previous Projects:

  • Inpatient medical software for Epic: company-wide report framework, plotting patient data and a LOT of fixes
  • Image Segmentation: Watershed Research (2008)
  • Built a web analytics tracking tool with Bungee Connect for an app contest
  • Internship with Bungee Labs (Summer 2008)
  • Image processing: Rat-tracking research (Jan. 2008)
  • Started this WordPress blog (2007)
  • Internship with Project Kaleidoscope (2006,2007)
  • Built a ColdFusion gallery to show off my photography (summer 2006)
  • Volunteered helping elderly with basic computer skills (2005)

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