Vegas Casino Maps

This is one of those apps that you see and wish you’d thought of.  Since moving to Vegas, I’ve realized it’s impossible to really know your way around the strip without being here for years.  Combine that with a lack of internet or cellular coverage in a lot of casinos and deliberately unnavigable layouts, this is a perfect app.

Vegas Casino Maps fills the need perfectly and is absolutely worth the download.  It’s great for tourists with only a few days to get used to the city, and still great for locals that need to play tour guide.

Vegas Casino Maps (App Store)

Turn a Smartphone into a Webcam


Alas, I can’t personally justify to myself the need for a smartphone, but if I could, I would totally take advantage of this SmartCam project. You install a server on your machine and then extract the client on your smarphone and voila! you have your very own portable webcam.

I could see this coming in handy for video bloggers or anyone wanting to run video on the fly. This sort of thing is going to become more and more mainstream over time as smartphones like the iPhone fall into the hands of the common consumer.