I’ve been playing around with a new web tool called Kynetx. Some people I worked with down in Utah are pretty heavily involved so I couldn’t help but try it out. Rather than generating content in a standard load-this-website format, Kynetx apps sit on top of existing websites, many of which the developer may not own or control (Google Docs, Twitter, Amazon, etc.).

Kynetx apps can add a layer on top of the site to provide additional details and views. They can also manipulate the DOM structure of the site to provide extra details. Imagine adding geolocation info to search results, integrating twitter results where they wouldn’t otherwise be available or doing custom filtering on the output.

The coolest thing about Kynetx is that it goes beyond Javascript tweaks by running in the cloud and providing dynamic lookup. This gives it incredible power from a mashup and API-driven perspective since it can tie in parts of a distinct platform like Twitter with search results, location-based context, etc. from anywhere.

They are quickly building up a collection of pretty useful apps that are all available to try out – and developer accounts are free!


Twitter OAuth for PHP

For anyone writing a PHP Twitter App to interact with the Twitter API, TwitterOAuth is an incredibly helpful piece of open source code.  It handles the secure authentication through OAuth, and then includes function calls for using that authenticated status to carry out any desired GET or POST exchange with the Twitter API.

The project is located at:

The author is pretty careful to remind readers that the library is still in beta, incomplete and likely to change.  Nevertheless, his documentation, comments, and live examples make this library a must use.

OpenGL Video Tutorials

I’ve been working a bit lately with the Glut OpenGL library. It’s pretty simple to get started with but there were a few complicated bits that had me stumped. In my search for online resources, I came across Bill Jacobs’ very good step-by-step set of video tutorials with lots of accompanying sample code.

Covering everything from basic topics such as shapes and colors all the way up to perspective changes, textures, and animations, these lessons help build up a solid and thorough understanding of OpenGL and Glut. To top it off, the videos are in flash and download pretty quickly.

Check them out: OpenGL Video Tutorials

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