How cranes are assembled

This is really cool.  How cranes are assembled is one of those things that would never have occurred to me to think about. As it turns out, it’s a pretty complex and creative affair.  Engineers must have spent some serious time thinking through the implications of trying to ratchet such a monstrous and durable item way up in the air.

Watch animations of two different types of cranes going up.

Core77 – Animation explaining how they erect cranes

ASCII Star Wars


This is ancient and probably old news to everyone out there, but I just discovered this text animation of Star Wars: A New Hope.  

It’s nothing incredibly special but I found it incredible that after more than 7 years they’re still hosting and running this server.

Click here to see the animation

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Start Menu
  2. Run
  3. Enter: “telnet
  4. Click OK

Magic DVD Ripper – Finally a simple, efficient, and fully-featured solution

I’ve looked around for quite sometime, trying to find a simple means to backup my DVDs to take them with me on the road.  All too often the results are disappointing with loss of quality, glitchy results, or complicated settings to maneuver.

Magic DVD Ripper provides the ability to rip copy-protected DVDs to disc in a variety of formats, including full DVD-video quality, mpeg, avi, and such, with options for Divx, Xvid and other such codecs.  DVDs can thus be saved in full-quality, or reduced to small 700mb files suitable for portable device viewing.

The biggest advantage I appreciated was the reliability of the process.  Often software packages work only with certain types of copy-protection or occasionally fail with ordinary processes.  I have backed up dozens of DVDs of different sorts via this method and in every case, the quality has been surprisingly good, and the experience pleasantly efficient and simple.  Give the trial a whirl and if backing up your movie collection is something you do regularly, the $34.97 price tag is quite reasonable.