My Trip Log

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My Trip Log is a navigation tool designed to keep track of where you’ve been. This is great for tourists exploring a new city and looking for a record of their travels. It’s especially useful for runners, hikers, and cyclists as a way of keeping track of the path they’ve taken.

The app can be set to run in the background, allowing you to use other apps (music, camera, etc) at the same time.


  • Create and store as many trips as you want
  • Zoom in and out on the map of your trips
  • Configure the app to update your location in the background
  • Specify how often location is updated
  • Add notes for any point along the way
  • Review address information for each location
  • Email a record of your trip, including addresses and a screenshot
  • Export trips in GPX format via email
  • View cumulative and direct distances over the span of each trip
  • Add/Remove points within your trip

Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


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